New York: The New Art Scene, 1967


New York: The New Art Scene, 1967

Photographys by: Ugo Mulas

Text by: Alan Solomon 

Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York

Printed in Italy 

About the book: 


This book is a photographic record of a long moment in the history of contemporary American art. It is a record of the state of painting and sculpture in New York City among the members of the younger generation as they were seen by Ugo Mulas in the course of three extended visits within one year to New York from Milan, where he lives.


For Mulas, it was a voyage of discovery, stimulated by his contact with the new American art during the Venice Biennale of 1964. Unlike many other photographers, he never makes you feel the presence of his own temperament or his craft. He may be the most invisible living photographer, seemingly passive, charming in a different way, yet working with a terrible intensity, with total preoccupation. None of this is any accident. Mulas started as a poet, and turned to photography rather late in life. This book, like all of his pictures of artists, was a work of love, coming out of his consuming personal passion for art.