Eva Rocha is a multimedia artist from Brazil, with a Brazilian and an American citizenship. Her experiences in performance and theater in São Paulo, Brazil, with notable international dramaturges such as Peter Brook (England) and Eugenio Barba (Italy) and Furia del Baus (Spain), carries through her visceral forms and her development of a corporeal language. Rocha’s research in Cultural Studies and Arts in Brazil, the US and Peru in the the undergrad level, and MFA in Kinetic Imaging, inform her cross-disciplinary exploration on the embodiment of personal/collective disruption and its archiving in the historic and contemporary artifacts. Eva Rocha’s work, which combines elements of sketching, performance, sculpture, installation and digitalized-performance, challenges the dynamics of object-oriented philosophies, re-contextualizing it to question a process of dehumanization of the artist and viewer through the present/absent object.